About us

Our story

TXTBookRental was founded in July of 2008 by a local graduate.
We service any university that a student may attend and are focused on
colleges and schools of Evansville; USI, Ivy Tech, UE, and Mater Dei.
We've upheld a universal philosophy as we've grown; provide students
with cheap books, a fun atmosphere, and extraordinary service.
In order to preserve those goals we mainly employ students from the schools
that we cater to. In doing so our staff understands what it is like
to be in the customers shoes as well as being able to provide in depth
information on classes, books, and occasionally the professors.

We currently operate out of a single store on the West side of Evansville
but have hopes of opening other stores to provide this awesome
service to more students at other colleges and universities.
Currently our marketing has been word of mouth from our customers to friends
and classmates. We know that extraordinary service and great prices speak for themselves!

TXTBookRental is here to save you $$$

TXTBookRental Stats:

Founded: July 2008

Books Rented: A lot

Money saved for students: A buncho $$$

Remarkable management team: Yes

Managment Strategy: Be cool to people and they will be cool back.

# stores: 1 for now

Favorite quote: "Rencho Books!"

Most Papa Johns pizzas consumed in one week: 58

Phone #: 812-463-8398

Email: talktothebeaver@txtbookrental.com

Do we want to hear from you: Yes

Marketing strategy: Hit the skreets fool.

Financial Analysis: Every day.

Operations: Tigggghhhhhhhtt.