TXTBookRental F.A.Q.


We beat the bookstores prices 95% of the time and if we can't we'll let you know.
We buy books all day every day!

Store credit?

We offer store credit for all books! We offer about 10% more than cash
if you take store credit. If your book is not worth cash we'll give you
$1 store credit. Store Credit is good for 2 years after the issue date.

How do rentals work?

Renting books is easy! Save loads off used book prices, do some learning, and return.
We make sure to offer the lowest prices on rentals in town and usually online as well!
Bring us your class list and we can take care of the rest! Or you can order online and
your books will be ready to pick up almost as fast as a cheetah chasing gazelles.

Can I pay cash for rentals?

Yes! If you pay all cash there will be a 25% security deposit taken when you rent books
and given back when you return books.

What if I lose my book?

The general replacement fee is an additional rental charge plus a 25% expenditure fee,
but if you let us know before the return date we will work with you and get the
replacement fee as cheap as possible, usually the price of a used book.

What if my book is a package with an access code?

We work very hard to make sure you get all the correct books you need for classes.
Packages are generally a rip off, so we make sure that we research them and
let you know how to get the best deal. We sell access codes
seperatley and we can also provide web links if it's cheaper to buy them online.
Access codes are always a sale, not a rental.

What if my book is a Custom edition?

Custom Editions are usually the regular edition with very minor changes. We can get all custom editions,
don't listen to the haters that say you have to buy from the bookstore! We can also find other editions
that are the same, ask us how so we can save you $$$!

Can I rent workbooks?

Absoluuuutley! And you can write in them, just make sure not to tear any pages
out so the next person can use it. Of course your rented workbook may have
someone elses notes in it, could be helpful eh?

What if I (have to) tear pages out of the workbook?

Normally we only sell workbooks that pages must be torn out of. If we do not know
if pages must be torn out and rent a workbook to you there is two options - Make copies
of the pages or tear out the pages and we will charge you the replacement cost and
make sure that it is cheaper than the bookstores new price.

What if my book gets damaged?

We understand books wind up in crazy situations, you will be the lesser of a damage fee
based on how bad the damage is, or the used price of the book, at which time you can
keep it

Can I get a discount if I rent my book twice?

Yes! We offer a 50% dicount for books rented for two semesters.
We do our best to make sure that this method is still cheaper than buying and selling
but sometimes buying and selling is the best option for a book used a whole year,
just ask a bookie and they can tell you what the best option is.

What's up with old editions?

Old Editions are usually the same as new editions with very minor edits. Ask us how you can save a
a bucketload of money using old editions!

What if I don't need my book?

Full refunds are given two weeks after the time classes start. Books rented
the first two weeks after the 14 day refund period can be returned within 7 days
for a full refund.

How do late fees work?

If you know your books will be late let us know and we'll give you an extension. We will call
and email you to remind you when books are due, make sure your contact info is up to date! Late
fees are $5 for each day you have books late and on the 7th day you'll be charged an additional
rental charge plus a 25% expenditure fee. It usually works out to be the price of a used book.


We do not normally ship books, most orders are picked up in our store.
If you do want your order shipped we charge a flat rate of $6.99 for all
orders shipped within the US. Call or email us if you would like your order shipped.
All shipments will be sent with a tracking number and it is your responsibiliy to get
them back to us. If you need any help just give us a call, we highly recomend using
tracking information. We cannot ship rentals without a credit card on file.