All rentals are done at our store with consent of the present cashier, over the phone, or online at

1) Age - By agreeing to the terms and conditions I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

2) Pickup - Upon order confirmation and acceptance all rentals are available for pickup at:TXTBookRental 4818 West Lloyd Expressway Evansville IN 47712 812.463.83982

3) Security Deposit - Renters will be charged a security deposit equivalent to 25% of the total rental purchase if cash is used to rent books or if renters card expires before the rental term is up. This deposit will be credited to the renter at the time the book is returned to TXTBookRental and proven to be in good condition. If the renter has late fees they will be taken from the deposit until the amount of late fees becomes more than the deposit, at which time the renter will be charged.

4) Make sure you return your books! - All rentals are the sole property of TXTBookRental and must be returned to:
4818 West Lloyd Expressway
Evansville IN 47712
While you agree that TXTBookRental is not responsible for contacting renters to remind them their books are due back, TXTBookRental will attempt to contact all renters to remind them that books are due by means of email and phone calls. We will also attempt to contact renters if they will be charged late fees for overdue books. It is the renter’s responsibility to provide TXTBookRental with correct contact information at the time of registration. If your original information changes please send all updated information to If renter provides false information, TXTBookRental will not be held responsible for ensuring the renter is contacted regarding reminders of rentals due date or charges for late rentals.

5) Credit and Debit Card Information Disclosure - By using a credit or debit card Renter guarantees that they are authorized in using card. TXTBookRental is not lialble for fraudulent card use. Renter hearby authorizes TXTBookRental to keep renters credit or debit card information on file and to make a charge against the card on file for a failure to return the rental on time, failure to return the rental for any reason, or if rental has damage beyond normal wear and tear and such damage renders the textbook unusable for future rental. Renter also authorizes TXTBookRental to use any other information on file to be used to help retrieve funds if they cannot be collected through the card on file. All card information will be removed from our systems after two years of customer inactivity. We assure that all information is kept private and secure in accordance to PCI compliance standards.

6) Return dates and Late Fees - Rentals are due back on the date specified for the given rental period. (Return schedule and hours of operation given at the beginning of the rental period.) Renters will be charged daily late fees of $5 a day (unless otherwise stated) for the first 6 days books are not returned, after the 6th day if book(s) are still not returned renter will be charged an additional rental charge plus and expenditure fee of 25% per book of the rental price minus all daily fees paid, at which time the book will become the renters sole possession. Daily fees give renter a chance to return books without paying the full late charge. If daily late fees add up to the book late charge book becomes renters sole possession. In the case the card is maxed out or canceled during the time the rental is in renters possession, renter gives TXTBookRental permission to obtain funds by any means necessary. We're here to help you and neither of us want to have to deal with that, so please rencho books responsibly.
6.a) Other Fees - Workbook with missing pages fee - Replacement cost of book plus $10 ($7 for shipping and $3 for labor). Damaged book fee (Book still usable) - Additional 25% of rental price wil be charged. Damaged book fee (Book not usable) - Replacement cost of book plus $10 ($7 for shipping and $3 for labor).

7) Return Policy - TXTBookRental will accept returns 14 days after the first day of classes for your school, considering the book is in the same condition as it was when it was rented. Refunds will be offered only once per book each semester. Refunds are only issued in the form of payment TXTBookRental received from Renter.

TXTBookRental reserves the right to change or modify this site, our terms of use, service policy, privacy policy, or rental agreement at any time without any notification, but we promise not to change anything drastically. By agreeing to the terms and conditions I hearby certify that all payment information given to TXTBookRental is truthful and I fully intend to comply with the terms and conditions of renting a book or books from TXTBookRental. By proceeding to the get books, I agree to the terms and conditions associated with renting a textbook from TXTBookRental and agree to follow them when I rent books. Rencho Books!